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We always recommend validating your Dime Industries’ products on our website to ensure authenticity. If it does not validate, there is a great possibility your product is fraudulent. Stay safe, by only purchasing your cannabis products from a licensed retailer. When you validate your product, you will activate our “no hassle” limited warranty.

First, make sure you validate the product to make sure you have not fallen victim to a scam by visiting our official Product Validation page. Please note all our official products’ packaging will have COAs on the side to reflect testing. You can also view testing results on our website under the Product Test Results section.


Our Signature Line features pure, potent live resin infused distillate. We reintroduce cannabis derived terpenes and natural fruit derived terpenes to enhance the overall flavor and experience.



Our Live Reserve line is a mixture of high terpene extract and melted diamonds. This retains the natural flavor profile of the strain while maintaining the high potency you expect from Dime.

To coordinate a product exchange, please reach out to our Support Team at with the following information:

  • Contact information including: name, phone, mailing address
  • Name of licensed retailer & location purchase was made at
  • Strain name and type of product (600mg all-in-one, 1000mg tank, etc.)
  • Photo of packaging, product and scratched off validation sticker


It is best to store your device at room temperature and avoid exposing the device in excess heat or in excess of 95 degrees. You should always store your device in the upright position. NOTE: the Dime Battery’s packaging doubles as a carrying case that’s a great place to store your device after every use.

Excess oil, or any lint and dust that may collect from traveling with your device can be easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol and a cotton wipe (or Q-tip). To keep your device clean, we recommend using Dime Battery’s packaging as a carrying case for safety and cleanliness.




Depending on what generation your Dime Battery is, the lights on your battery may indicate battery percentage or temperature. Please browse our keys below! 


1st, 2nd, 3rd GENERATION

Green light: 70-100% Battery Level

Blue light: 30-70% Battery Level

Red light: 30% andless Battery Level



Green light: 4.2volts, ideal for Signature Line
Blue light: 3.7volts, ideal for Live Reserve Line
Red light: 3.2volts, ideal for Live Rosin cartridge

Rainbow: pre-heat setting to warm tank (2 clicks)


When your battery starts to flash red at the end of a hit (regardless of generation), it’s time for a charge!

First, remove the tank from the battery. Next, on the underside of the tank, pull out the oval shaped positive pin a couple millimeters to exceed surrounding metal. Finally, reattach the tank to the battery and retry, the blinking should stop.


We highly recommend using our battery as our hardware was created to work in perfect unison with one another. If you choose to use a different 510 thread battery, there are a couple of reasons why it may not work:

1.) If your battery is an “air drawn” activated battery, one that does not have a button, it will NOT work. Our tank has the air holes exposed and will not activate an air drawn battery.

2.) Some batteries push up our positive pin, if so, please pull out the pin on your 1000mg tank to allow for proper contact to your battery.  Do not tighten the cartridge too hard onto the battery.  

3.) Our tank is larger, and sometimes DO NOT fit other 510 batteries and therefore not creating a connection.  You will get a blinking light on your battery if this is the case.


4.) Some other batteries are too weak to power our larger device, and will not work correctly.  You may get a little bit of smoke but not the full Dime Industries’ experience.  All batteries used with the Dime Tank should be at least 3.7v. 

We want you to get the full power and experience of a Dime pen. We suggest using our battery but most 510 batteries will work.


We Provide Modern Vape Carts

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