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Dime Industries Cured Resin (I) Papaya Sugar


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Product description

 Dime Industries Cured Resin (INDICA) Papaya Sugar 

Our sugar extract contains micro-crystals of THCa that are similar in size to grains of salt or sugar, visually resembling a crystallized honey consistency. It is a high terpene, full spectrum extract that comes to life when cannabinoids form into THCa crystals which are submerged in a thick layer of juicy terpenes. This extract offers the perfect ratio of flavor and potency!

About this strain: Papaya

Breeder Nirvana Seeds crossed the legendary Jack Herer with Skunk #1 to get the tropical blend that is Papaya. As its name indicates, the breeder claims that Papaya has a tropical fruity aroma along with a spicy taste, as well as average THC levels that hover around 20%.

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Each, 1/2g


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