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At Dime Extracts we are curators of cannabis innovation. We strive to deliver a quality experience through industry leading technology. From distribution, manufacturing, and technology, we are pioneers of the future.

Based in California, our retail partners currently span nationwide as we look to bring Dime products to consumers on a global scale. Quality is always at the forefront of everything we do with our consumers in mind. This is evident by our in-house manufacturing process facilitated by a specialized team.

We don’t cut any corners when
crafting our products using only premier food-grade stainless steel, glass and ceramic plates. These choice materials allow us to preserve our proprietary flavor profiles that we formulate using botanical and cannabis derived terpenes. When paired, our industry leading hardware and battery is guaranteed to ensure that your last hit is just as good as your first.

Our Company

Vision Statement

Through transparent and inclusive means, we have taken no shortcuts in delivering quality at every step of the way. As a provider of cannabis related products, we are steadfast in our faith to make cannabis accessible to all. We create direct value for the end consumer, thereby introducing the masses to a clean and innovative way of consumption. With this philosophy, we have worked to leverage the latest technology to power the future of the industry.

What We Do

Mission Statement

More than a cannabis company, we are the gateway to providing a high that you can connect to. We strive to provide a superior experience through a seamless blend of technology and our proprietary flavor profiles. This balance can only be achieved through a high level of attention and care throughout the entire process. We are eager to introduce you to an unparalleled smoking experience that will incorporate a great taste, but more importantly, a clean quality high. Discover a convenient and discreet method of consuming cannabis that is guaranteed to make you “Think Higher”